Techflex - F6 Flat   Self Wrapping Flat Design   Flexo F6 Flat is a self-wrappable sleeve used to bundle and protect wire harnesses and cable assemblies in areas where space constraints restrict the use of traditional sleeving...
1/2" Polyolefin Heat Shrink with Sealant Tubing 4' Stick
1/4" Polyolefin Heat Shrink with Sealant Tubing 4' Stick
2 1/2" Fire Wall Grommet 
3/4" Polyolefin Heat Shrink with Sealant Tubing 4' Stick
3/8" Polyolefin Heat Shrink with Sealant Tubing 4' Stick
Alternator Boot 10 Gauge (Red) Part # 23509 Alternator Boot 10 Gauge (Black) Part # 23509B
Asphalt Coated Fabric Loom - Asphalt coated cloth wire loom is a non-split loom that provides ultimate protection against moisture and chemical absorption. The asphalt makes this fabric wire loom flame retardant and is ideally used for wiring...
Battery Boots 4 Gauge Black and Red
It's more flexible than split loom and more durable than spiral.This sleeving simply self-closes around a group of wires. It retains its shape and rigidity from 103 degrees to 257 degrees F.
Convoluted surface protects against abrasion and pinching. Split loom easily slides over assembly and closes for a permanent installation. Used to protect wire, cable, tubing and hoses. Color: BlackMaterial: PolyethyleneStyle: SplitTemperature...
This loom will give you a nice clean look. It is also flexible enough to bend to a tight radius.
Silicone Jacketed Fiberglass Resists Heat, Abrasion & Moisture Silicone jacketed fiberglass sleeving is the choice of professionals in racing and other industries where protection from constant temperatures approaching 500°F is...
Vermiculite Coated Fiberglass Wrap Withstands Heat 1,200°F Insultherm Header Wrap is an extremely high temperature resistant wrap commonly used to contain and manage hot gases in automotive and high performance headers and exhausts...
Split Braided Loom Heat Rated 302 Degrees 11 to 13 mm diameter self-closing braided sleeving Black PET monofilament and multifilament combination for a lightweight smooth texture Knitted construction provides good drainage while maintaining superior...
Resin Saturated Fiberglass Protects up to 1,200°F Insultherm is an extremely high temperature resistant sleeve commonly used as thermal protection for wires, cables and hoses that are subjected to continuous and extreme high temperature...
  Braided Fiberglass Protects up to 1,200°F Insultherm Ultraflex fiberglass sleeving is ideal for the protection of wires and hoses exposed to the heat generated from high performance engine and exhaust components.The heat treated...
A high quality material which shrinks to 1/2 the expanded size. This material is very stable and can be stored for extended periods without shrinking. Temperature rating of -67 to 275F.
Door Jamb Wire Looms are a great solution to an OE Loom to run wires through your door.  Wire Looms solve the age old problem of passing wire between the jamb and post. Wire Looms provide RF insulation, waterproofing and protection from the elements...
2:1 Fabric Heatshrink Tubing Fabric heatshrink tubing, a unique mixture of polyolefin and polyester yarns, is the ideal way to form the only shrinkable fabric of its kind. The woven construction makes this product extremely flexible and...