30-40 Amp Relay Use this relay when operating 1 fan
Prewired 30/40 Amp Relay Kit
552 Flasher
Electronic LED Flasher Relays have no minimum load-12VDC. Eliminates the need for load resistors, turn signals will flash at normal rate with or without LED bulbs. You will need one flasher for Turn Signals and one for Hazards. Part # 12ANL  
Accepts 2 & 3 prong flashers 
Convert your old headlights to halogen headlights. This relay kit gets you setup including 2 relays, 14 gauge wire, and headlight plugs. This plug-and-play setup will get your headlight setup running in no time.
2 LED Load Resistor Kit Solves the LED light trouble in your vehicle 6 Ohm , 50 Watt resistor can be connected across the turn signal bulbs to simulate the load of a regular bulb.