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66-77 Bronco Package, Original


The ’66-’77 Ford Bronco Package features the speedometer, tachometer, fuel, temperature, volt, and oil gauges all in one direct fit instrument. Installing the all-electronic cluster is easy with the included model specific mounting hardware, Classic Instruments' Zeus Speedometer Technology for push button calibration, and all the included sending units.

Key Features

• Direct fit into the stock dashboard using factory holes with the included mounting hardware
• LED lighting with built-in LED dimmer, and molded “light intensifier” ring for bright, even lighting. Brightness of the LEDs can be adjusted with a potentiometer on the back of the cluster
• Turn signal indicators in the left and right sides of cluster, green LEDs
• High beam indicator hidden at the top of the tachometer, red LED HaloTM
• Zeus Speedometer Technology built-in (patent pending), molded plastic back housing
• Works directly with ECM or VSS signal, no additional control boxes needed
• Push button calibration, switch included, part no. SNPB
• ECM signal filter switch built-in
• Standard Ford sender kit included (t­­emp., fuel, oil, speedometer senders), part no. SNFD
• Optional stainless steel bezel

*Please change fuel ohm range if you are using a factory fuel sender. (Ex. Ford pre-1986: 75-10, GM 1964 or earlier: 0-30, GM 1965-1998: 0-90)

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