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Column Connector Kit - Early Model


3 7/8” Late Model Column Connector

Male and Female Connectors with Terminals Included

Column Connector Kit - Early Model Reviews

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Good quality and easy installation

Posted by Jon on 31st Oct 2017

Bought this kit to convert my 68 mustang column plug to a GM plug to go with the Kwik Wire 22 circuit harness. Once I tracked down the wires from the column it was a simple install. Tip for mustang installations; You are making your horn button a ground since the new harness will take care of horn power. You will have two horn wires coming from your horn button but only one wire coming from your new harness. Put a post in for the horn wire on the harness to one of the horn wires to the button, run a ground wire from a ground screw under the dash to a post to connect to the other horn wire coming from the button to complete the ground.