Includes Protective Covers
7 Circuit Axiliary Fuse Block Part # 10449 4 Circuits Provide Constant Hot Power 3 Circuits Provide Ignition Hot Power (Relay Powers This Bank Of Fuses) This will allow you to add 7 circuits to your electrical system with out overloading. 20 Amps...
Convert your old headlights to halogen headlights. This relay kit gets you setup including 2 relays, 14 gauge wire, and headlight plugs. This plug-and-play setup will get your headlight setup running in no time.
High Visibility Commercial and Municipal Blade Lighted Markers This Universal Extra Heavy Duty Lighted Marker was designed for highway and municipal plow requirements. The 3/4" tube is constructed of low temperature nylon with a full 1/8" wall...
Prewired 30 Amp Electric Relay Kit This kit is protection for your electric fan. It provides constant voltage, protects from voltage and amperage jolts, and keeps the fan from feeding back through the system. This kit is necessary if adding an on/off...
The TR-1400 Replacement Fuse Block kit allows for just the fuse panel in your vehicle to be replaced. The TR-1400 also includes many of the great features that our complete wiring kits have. It includes: 14 Pre-wired and Fused Circuits Gauge Power /...