Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Will your harnesses work with a 6V system?
Yes, our harnesses will work with a 6V system. You will need to replace the 12V flashers/relays with 6V. Unfortunately, we do not carry 6V components.

Will your harnesses work with a positive ground system?
Yes, our kits will work with a positive ground system.

What is the switch on the side of the fuse panel for?
The switch on the side of the fuse panel is a coil kill switch.

Why do I have several identical wires?
Some wires are "floating" and you are seeing both ends in the harness.

What is the difference between the standard and budget wiring kits?
The budget kits do not include the coil kill switch, base mounting plate, cover plate, speaker wire and a fusible link.

Can I use my original 6V dash with this system?
If upgrading to 12V you need to put voltage reducers in line with all gauge power wires to make them function correctly.

What will I need to make LED taillights and turn signals function properly?
You need to replace the flashers in our kit with electronic LED flashers or install ballast resistors on left and right rear turn signal wires.

How do I hook up my neutral safety switch?
Wire #19 Neutral safety switch originates at the ignition switch hooks one side of the neutral switch when out the opposite of switch to the start side of the starter solenoid.

Do I need to hook power to two places on the headlight switch?
Yes, you will need to hook power to both terminals on the headlight switch. One powers up the headlight and the other one powers the tail section.

How do I hook up my door jam switches?
Standard GM hookup you will hook the power lead to the light (Wire 45 white). The ground wire from the light will go to the door jam switches and also to the headlight switch.

How do you hook a relay up for an electric fan or fuel pump?
You will need to have the information on the amp draw of your fan or fuel pump. Most applications will call for a 30/40 amp relay in some cases a 70 amp relay may be needed.

Do you need to relay halogen headlights?
Yes, halogen headlights have a high amperage draw and will burn out the headlight switch if not relayed.

What wires do I need to use when hooking up a one-wire alternator?
The only wire needed in this application is one lead running from the back of the alternator to the battery or battery lug on the starter solenoid.