Hot Rod 1967-68 Mustang Package
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Hot Rod 1967-68 Mustang Package

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The 1967-68 Mustang Package with our Hot Rod series installed, features a 4 5/8" Speedometer and tachometer, 2 1/8" Fuel (75-10 OHM), oil, and temp gauges. The cluster is completely assembled and mounted in a standard black camera case OEM style bezel. The unit is pre-wired and includes all necessary* sending units, mounting hardware, and a wiring harness constructed of automotive grade TXL wire, machine-crimped terminals, tech-flex sleeving, and Molex main connectors. Equipped with our ZST and works directly with ECM or VSS signal, no need for an additional control box.

*Fuel sending unit not included, fuel gauge is calibrated to stock 75-10 OHM.