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TR-1400 Replacement Fuse Block

TR-1400 Replacement Fuse Block


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Product Description

The TR-1400 Replacement Fuse Block kit allows for just the fuse panel in your vehicle to be replaced. The TR-1400 also includes many of the great features that our complete wiring kits have.


  • 14 Pre-wired and Fused Circuits Gauge Power / Interior Turn Signal / Hazard Lights Brake Lights Horn / Cooling Fan Circuit Ignition/Coil/Distributor Starter Circuit Charging / Alternator Circuit Fuel Pump Radio / Accessory (Constant Hot) Radio / Accessory (Ignition Hot) AC/Heat Power & Fan 14 ATC Fuses Pre-wired Flasher Unit Pre-wired Hazard Unit Pre-wired Horn Relay
  • Compact easy to hide design
  • Connections in block are crimped and hand soldered
  • Aluminum Base Brushed
  • Aluminum Fuse Cover Wires labeled by circuit & colored to match GM factory wiring codes
  • Instruction Booklet Toll Free Phone Tech Support Product Dimensions: 8” x 5.625” x 3.125”
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